Q: What was your role in these videos?
A: I am mostly DPing commercial work and direct/DP music videos. I edit all of it.

Q: What system do you use for editing?
A: All post is within Adobe suite with the exception of Pro Tools for music production.

Q: What is your Listen page about? You do audio?
A: Yup, my career began in the music industry. I still love it. I also do sound design and mix for video.

Q: Who shot the aerials for that spot?
A: I am an FAA certified UAS Remote Pilot and Part 61 Private Pilot. I fly DJI quads, heavy-lift octocopters, and Cessna 172's.

Q: What are your rates?
A: Do you want steak or bologna? Let's discuss :)


e: eric@cameraclay.com  |  p: 727.244.7583